Collaborative Content Creation

L&D teams shouldn’t be terrified of delegating elearning course creation.

Enable anyone to create impactful elearning content. Read on below to explore how you can expand capacity, deliver more with less, capture expertise to future-proof, and focus on what matters most with collaborative content creation. 

The demand for impactful digital learning is at an all-time high.

When navigating incoming requests from the business, the L&D team will typically focus their efforts on the most critical pieces of learning needed.

However, what happens when L&D doesn’t have the capacity to take a request? They may recommend outsourcing it to an elearning agency or searching for off-the-shelf content.

If stakeholders can’t get a learning request fulfilled by the L&D team, they resort to:


Low star rating 2-1


Creating something themselves which is lower quality

Two puzzle pieces 3-1


Plugging the gap with content that isn’t fit for purpose

Risk Impact-1


Not addressing the learning need at all


This results in a backlog of learning.

Collaborative Content Creation

When this backlog of learning isn’t overseen by the central L&D team, it puts the business at risk.
So, how can you ensure all your learning needs are met?

The answer: Collaborative Content Creation

What is Collaborative Content Creation?

Collaborative Content Creation is a powerful elearning production workflow within Elucidat that enables L&D teams to empower anyone to share their expertise and create impactful elearning - that meets standards, with ease.

This ensures you meet all the learning needs of your organization.

Collaborative Content Creation

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Why Collaborative Content Creation?

L&D needs to take control of the backlog of learning and empower those creating it to ensure it’s impactful, relevant, and timely. It’s easier than you think.

Some of the world’s most successful organizations adopting this workflow have seen exceptional benefits:

  • Cut Learning Costs

  • Fill Skills Gaps

  • Meet Learning Demand

  • Deliver Impactful Learning

Save 90% on costs with less reliance on outsourcing

Some teams outsource content to agencies. While quality will be high, this is costly, time-consuming and not scalable. An agency-produced elearning module can cost up to $30,000 and take 10-12 weeks to develop. Managing your content in-house means you have greater control, with fewer costs.  

74% increase in course enrollment

During periods of change, critical business knowledge can be lost overnight. This creates a huge amount of risk (fines, turnover, customer churn, and decreased customer satisfaction). Having the right processes in place can you help speed up production, without sacrificing on quality, to meet demand. 

Create content 4x faster without sacrificing quality

Scaling up elearning production is your answer to meeting demand. But you want to be able to do this without negatively impacting quality or increasing your workloads. Doing more with less, and empowering your experts to deliver quality digital learning will not only speed up production, but also cut costs. 

131% increase in training completion

Poor learning experiences ultimately filter down to the learners. Learners aren’t getting the learning they need to succeed which puts them at a disadvantage and makes the skills challenge worse. Organizations that succeed will be the ones who adapt to deliver impactful learning, faster and smarter. 

Success Story


“We don’t have a team dedicated to e-learning content production because
we want to see learning content tools used widely across the group.”

 – Sophie Vanhems, Skill Leader, Decathlon

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