From Dull to Dynamic: 3 ways to meet your learner's great expectations 

Thursday 15th June, 3.30 - 4.15 pm BST (9.30am CT)

This is the year for quality. With a mountain of digital learning content facing employees, and research telling us they only have 1-2% of their time available to learn, your elearning needs to stand out and shine. 

With demand on the up and employees’ being clear on what they want from their learning, are you closing the gap and designing for impact?

Join us as we reveal brand new research into employees’ expectations from today’s elearning. What does good elearning look like to them? 

This webinar will take you down the road from dull to dynamic designs - sharing best practices, and real-world examples of elearning success that will have you inspired and hungry to create.

By registering, you'll get exclusive access to brand new research that uncovers the secrets to elearning engagement. 



Here's what to expect:

  • Discover the latest research on employees’ wants and needs for elearning.
  • Get practical advice for the steps you need to take to create more impactful learning experiences.
  • Learn from real-world examples of elearning success and be inspired to apply new insights to your own projects.

Hosted by:

  • Cammy Bean, Solutions Consultant, Kineo
  • Kirstie Greany, Head of Customer Learning, Elucidat
From Dull to Dynamic Webinar - Kineo Elucidat