Smart ways to scale up [Webinar]

How top L&D teams are meeting the rising demand for training without compromising quality


Live Webinar

Businesses are increasingly looking to L&D to help them overcome the challenges of keeping pace with change. But with demand for training at an all-time high, and L&D teams reporting they don’t have enough resource, teams are struggling to keep up.

If you want to meet demand, you need smart processes in place to help you save time, and scale up.  But how do you maintain quality when super-sizing? And how do you work with stakeholders to stem the flow of demands in the first place?

Get the answers in this on-demand webinar, hosted by Elucidat’s team of learning experts and consultants - with real-world customer examples and resources. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to scale up your elearning production capacity to meet demand
  • Why SMEs are essential to L&D’s success and how you can get them more involved
  • What smart processes you can implement right now to save time
  • How to better manage and prioritise demands for learning with stakeholders
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